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Reconvened Annual General Meeting of the TMSV

12th November 2010

The reconvened Annual General Meeting of the TMSV will take place at the Hawthorn Depot on Saturday December 4 at 2pm.

The only formal business of the meeting will be to receive the audited financial report, but there will be an update on current activities and plans and the AGM will be followed by a slide/movie show focussing on the P&MTT centenary, featuring images to be published in the forthcoming history and movies made by Trevor Triplow of cars 44 and 84 on May 30th.

Parking is very limited – come by tram!

8 Wallen Road, Hawthorn

Tram routes 70 (Stop 29) and 75 (Stop 29)

Spring Cleaning At Melbourne Tramway Museum Bylands

6th June 2010

Although it has just hit winter, spring cleaning is still under way at the Melbourne Tramway Museum, Bylands. This year much work has been done. The sheds have had cleaning and organisation work done to them, making them more aesthetically pleasing and easier to walk around in. The trams have also had a good cleaning out which involved the removal and sorting of the things stored in them and a general tidying.

The Exhibition Shed has had a little of a rearrangement and visitors are now greeted by an “H” class apron by the front door. Additionally, a sales department has been started, selling tram related books and DVD's, and more items will be added to the sales department over time. Buying items that you plan on buying anyway from our sales department is a great way of supporting the TMSV.

Work at MTM Bylands has been ongoing with the recycling of anything that is not of use, and the sorting of things that are useful into places where they should be stored. This has involved, among other things, the cleaning of the crock shed and the partial emptying of the seatainers, which haven't held up that well over the years.

The points and track work outside the running sheds have been cleaned, and new ballast is being laid and levelled, making the area safer and look cleaner.

There is however still much work to be done at MTM Bylands and we appreciate all the help we can get - no matter what skills you have you too can help. Help us to clean up MTM Bylands and get it into ship shape condition!

Bylands: New Name, New Era

25th March 2010

Our new name. Just one more in a raft of major changes taking place within the TMSV.

As Secretary John Wayman explains in a longer piece in February's edition of Running Journal ... ‘the adoption of a new trading name by the TMSV is an exciting development that focuses on exactly what our museum at Bylands is. The name “Melbourne Tramway Museum” (MTM) is now a registered business name owned by the TMSV that replaces the unregistered name “Bylands Tramway Heritage Centre”.’

All over the world, Melbourne is known as one of the key tramway networks.

So the relaunch of Bylands marks another important stage in the rejuvenation of the Tramway Museum Society of Victoria as custodian of one of the great tramway collections of the world.

MTM Bylands now houses the largest collection of ex-Melbourne trams and associated equipment in Australia. There are over 50 vehicles in our collection.

The Secretary also makes the point that re-accreditation remains a major challenge for MTM because, the deadline for renewal having been missed, the process has to be started over.

Many more volunteers needed

“This process means a lot of work, and we need many more volunteers to come forward to help us with the many tasks we will need to undertake at Bylands to achieve this goal,” John says.

So, given the achievements of the past 40-odd years, MTM welcomes you and your skills.

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