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The photo shows two ČKD-TATRA tramcars operating in Praha, Czechoslovakia. Some Specifications and description of these cars may be of interest-particularly in a city which looks forward to new tramcars on her streets.

The T3 tramcar, of which type these cars are, feature all metal body construction with laminated plastic ends. As can be seen, the wrap around windscreen gives the driver excellent all-round vision. The lower portions of the side windows are fixed in rubber channels, for noise reduction, while the top portions slide horizontally to provide ventilation. If additional flow of air is required, three flaps build in the lightly constructed foor allow efficient circulation.

Forced ventilation is prived in the driver's compartment, including provision for heating and demisting.

The cars are provided with couplers and can haul matching trailers or operate in multiple unit sets of 2 or 3 cars.

Passengers comfort is a foremost sonsideration in the disng of the cars. Comfortable seating is provided for 24 passengers in single row transverse seating along either side of the car. Roomy standing accomodation is provided for a further 86 passengers with pleny of hand-holds. However, the "crush-load" is stated to be 160 fares. Passenger comfort is provided in automatic acceleration and braking facilities (75 steps in accelerating and 99 braking steps). Ample use of rubber in springing, sealing ect. assures as smooth silent ride. The cares are equipped with P.A. system to allow the driver or conductor to announce stops, transfer points ect. The conductor, of course, is seated behind a desk, just inside the front entrance.

The Tarta concern has a tradition going back 110 years and in this time over 150,000 rail vehicles have been constucted be them.

ČKD-TATRA delivered their 2,000th T series car on 18th. November, 1967; production is expected to reach 1,000 /year in the near future.

In addition to the T3 cars, TATRA produces K2 type 6-axle articulated cars capable of holding 180 passengers (not "crush load") and the trailer cars to match the T3's and K2's and of similar capacity to the T3's.

The Following specifications apply to the T3 car:-

This Czechoslovakian company is not resting on its laurels. At present, thyristor control (semi-conductor electronics) is under development. It is hoped to have a prototype car is service in 1969 & to be in production by 1971. A power saving of 7% is ensure-with possible power savings of 35-40% possible.

Why put this a tramway museum magazine? Well, ČKD-TATRA have fully restored Prague No. 180 and shipped it to Britain to be donated to the Tramway Museum Society--all at no expense to the Museum.

(I imagine we would give at least as a good a "wrap-up" to any organisation which would care to present us with a site!).

Information from "MODERN TRAMWAY" and ČKD-TATRA STREET-CAR T3 pamphlet.


14 metre

46 feet.


2.5 metre

8.2 feet.

HEIGHT OF CAR(without pantograph)

3 metre

9.9 feet.

MOTORS (Permanently connected in series/parallel)

4 X 40K.W.

4 X 54 h.p.


150 Amp.


65 Km/hr.

40.4 m.p.h.


4,000 Kg.

1,800 lbf.


1.8 m/sec²

5.9 ft/sec²


1.8 m/sec²

5.9 ft/sec²


5 m/sec²

16.4 ft/sec²


16 ton.

CKD-TATRA Malcolm Rowe - RJ Volume 5, Number 4 February-March 1969

Photo: Dopravni Podnik Hlav. Mest Prahy. by Courtesy B. Silcove.