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14th October 2011

Venue: Hawthorn Tram Depot

Time: 3:00pm Saturday 19th November 2011

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at 3.00pm on Saturday 19th November 2011 at Hawthorn Tram Depot.


The following Board of Management positions will be declared vacant at the AGM;

• Chairman

• Deputy Chairman

• 3 x Ordinary Members of the Board of Management

Retiring Board Members are Mal Rowe (Chairman), Geoff Dean (Deputy Chairman), Tony Miles, John Rawnsley, and David Langley. These people are eligible to renominate for their positions.

Ordinary Board of Management members occupying positions not subject to election until next year are: John Wayman, Liam Davies and David Highet.

Nominations for the Board of Management must be delivered to the secretary not less than 28 days before the date fixed for the holding of the AGM. Nominees may lodge a policy statement, not exceeding 200 words in length to support their nomination.

Nominations for vacant positions can only be proposed, seconded or accepted by members of the Society who are financial at the time.

Note also that our members expect that anyone elected to the Board of Management will attend most Board Meetings, and be actively involved in running our museum at Bylands and other Society activities, during your time on the Board.

Hoping to see you at the AGM,

John Wayman


Social Meetings Are Back!

15th June 2011

A social meeting will be held at Hawthorn Tram Depot on the first Monday of every second month commencing in July.

The dates for this year are Monday 4th July, Monday 5th September and Monday 7th November. The content will be entertainment and information about trams and our museum, with a presentation by a keynote speaker, usually supported by a PowerPoint presentation, slides of film.

Admittance will be by paying a minimum donation of $2 to our Tramway Development Fund. This donation goes towards the further development of the Melbourne Tramway Museum at Bylands, our society's major focus.

We urge you to attend and to donate as much as you can afford, as we need to raise substantial funds for future projects, and to prepare for tramcar operations again. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available.

Open Day at Melbourne Tramway Museum

29th March 2011

Sunday 17th April is a special Open Day at Melbourne Tramway Museum at Bylands.

Members are invited to come and help do some necessary work around the site commencing at 11.00am.

All welcome to just come after 1pm and have a look at the trams and other items on site.

We’re planning to have some special sale items of hard to get books etc available on that day.

We expect to host members of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Association that day – so it will be a great opportunity to meet folk with similar interests.

Perhaps you have not been to Bylands for years?

Perhaps you have lost touch with other members of the TMSV?

This is a great opportunity to renew old links.

We look forward to seeing you!

Summer at MTM Bylands

14th February 2011

It's been a busy summer at Melbourne Tramway Museum Bylands, with lots of projects on the go.

A dedicated group of members have been having regular working days on Wednesdays. The Exhibition Goods Shed is looking good, thanks in large part to the donation of glass display cabinets, and a pleasant sitting area in the front of the Shed. A new outdoor sitting area has also been set up and the front, and a staff table and chairs out the back, allowing volunteers to relax over a cup of coffee or soft-drink and enjoy the stunning views of the Great Dividing Range.

The restoration of North Melbourne Electric Tramway and Lighting Co No. 4 has also been restarted. The exterior is starting to look much better, with painting almost complete and work has started on reassembling the interior and fitting out the cabs. The decision has been made to restore it back to mid 1920's M.&M.T.B. condition as U class 205, chocolate and cream paintwork and the retention of the M.&M.T.B. cabs and destination boxes. The goal of full conversion back to NMETL 4 condition will be some time down the track, which involves repainting of the chocolate to burgundy and significant alteration to the cabs, removing the windows and destination boxes.

MTM Bylands has also received a modest grant to improve the staff amenity, and a new fridge, water cooler and sound system have been acquired, with more things to come in the near future!

Anyone wishing to join us on our Wednesday working days are more than welcome, and encouraged to call Liam on 0404 207 633 for more details.

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