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Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Tramway Museum Society of Victoria Incorporated will be held at the Hawthorn tram depot on Saturday 3rd October 2015, commencing at 2.00pm.

The business of the meeting will be:-

1. To confirm the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting of the 30th August 2014 and the subsequent Resumed Meeting of the 30th November 2014, and Special General Meeting of the 21st March 2015.

2. To receive the Board’s report.

3. Declarations of the election of Chairman, Deputy Chairman and members of the Board (three positions).

4. To receive and adopt the Statement of Accounts pursuant to S30 of the Associations Incorporations Act 1981 (Vic).

5. To appoint an Auditor for the ensuring year.

6. Any other business that may be legally raised.

Call for Nominations

Nominations for the Offices of Chairman, Deputy Chairman and three (3) ordinary Board Members may be forwarded to the Secretary to be received no later than 12.00pm on the 5th September 2015.  Nominations must be signed by the Proposer, Seconder and the Nominee, and all must be current financial members of the Society at the time of such nomination.  Nomination forms are available from the Secretary.  Nominations are to be forwarded to “The Secretary” Tramway Museum Society of Victoria Incorporated, 38 Piccadilly Crescent, Keysborough 3173.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may wish to submit a proxy form.  These are available from the Secretary and the completed form must be returned to the Secretary no later than 24 hours before the time of the meeting.  Copies of the nomination and proxy forms can also be obtained via e-mail.

 Graham Jordan


Annual General Meeting 2015

25/08/2015 - Tramway Museum Society of Victoria Inc.

In light of the result from the TMSV Special General Meeting, a review of the operations of the Bylands Museum site is to be conducted.  

Due to the large amount of work that will be required to recommence proper operations at the Bylands Museum, it was decided that it was important for the Society to respect its commitment to preserving Victoria’s Tramway Heritage as well as support the local community in general.  In light of that decision the trading name of Melbourne Tramway Museum will be discontinued.  The new trading name of Tramway Heritage Centre will be utilised for the Bylands Museum.

As a result new signage will be installed as there is no signage currently on display at the museum.  A new website has been created to reflect the changes that are occuring as well as new marketing material will be produced to advertise the museum to the public.

Working bees will be organised to assist in the maintenance of the trams and the track to allow the Society to achieve the necessary requirements to achieve accreditation status to allow the tram operations to recommence.

We will be keeping our members frequently updated through the website, facebook page and Running Journal on the progress.

Bylands Operations Changes

14/04/2015 - Tramway Heritage Centre, Bylands

A new website design has been launched for the TMSV.

A new fresh design has been introduced for the TMSV.  This reflects from an earlier design with a few modern touches in place. A lot of care has been made to ensure that every element of the website is working, however there may be some glitches which will be fixed up in time.

There will be further developments to the website incorporating a Members Area and an online store.  We will endeavour to let our members know when these areas come online.

William Fedor


New TMSV Website

14/04/2015 - Tramway Museum Society of Victoria

The TMSV held a Special General Meeting at the Hawthorn Depot to discuss the future direction of the society.

Much discussion was held in the relation to the activities of the society and the lack of communication given to members.

Due to several positions on the Board becoming vacant, volunteers were called to assist in either being on the Board or wanting to volunteer to help the Society and the Bylands site.

As a result, it was required that the existing members of the board would meet shortly after the Special General Meeting to fill the current vacancies and that the new board would meet not long after to discuss the future operations of the Bylands site.

Most importantly was the issue of communication towards the members.  This will be greatly improved with the new management.

March Special General Meeting

14/04/2015 - Tramway Museum Society of Victoria Inc.

The TMSV shares the rail community’s sense of loss on the death of Tom Murray, known from school days as “Tom Train”. General Manager Geoffrey Dean and I knew Tom from schooldays, Geoff for three and me for two years. I attach some remarks penned by Geoff.

Anthony Sell


Tramway Museum Society of Victoria

Geoff says:-

I started at Scotch College in 1954 and Tom had already started the Scotch College Railway Club; he organised school boys from Scotch and other schools to work ‘on the Narra’ as part of the Track Maintenance Branch, Schools’ Section. The 9:18 Upper Fern Tree Gully train on a Saturday would see anything from a dozen to 20-odd school boy passengers carrying spades, forks, rakes, etc., arrive to join the US Bus to travel to wherever the days work party would be working. This mainly consisted of removing small trees to clearing drains and general scrub removal. We often travelled by trolley to the work site. Originally with ‘ST 1’; later we used a Casey Motor Trolley with ‘ST 1’ or ‘STA 1’ or a ‘proper’ railways trolley to carry our equipment to the work site. In later years the Schools’ Section held week-end work parties based at Clematis. However my first week-end work party camped in the de-railed steel floored louvre van at Cockatoo in February 1955.

Norman Banks, on 3AW, once did a story on Tom and stated that Tom was ‘Melbourne’s unsung hero’ with the work parties he organised with us school boys on the Narrow Gauge.

Tom ran yearly charter tours with a 280 hp Walker Railcar to Waubra, Shelbourne and Nayook whilst at school.

Tom and Norm White established AREA and ran many week-end tours around Victoria and interstate. It was often said ‘Murray and White run all through the night’. These included tours to Yanac and Yarpeet; Cudgewa; Bright and Beechworth; Orbost and Queenstown (Tas.).

Tom instigated AREA, ARE and ARHS in to forming the SPCC (Steam Preservation Co-Ordinating Committee) which became Steamrail. He began the ‘Co-Ordinating Diary’ to try and avoid clashes between the tours and meetings of the different groups.

There are many stories to be told – and Tom had a great sense of humour.. He will be greatly missed and fondly remembered.

Photo from VR Newsletter

Vale - Tom Murray

2016 - Tramway Museum Society of Victoria Inc.

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